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Business Analysis--How It Works

This is not THEORETICAL analysis.   This is not cookie cutter analysis.  

This is 100% data driven analysis based on YOUR business statistics.  

This is where we dive deep-- how we take a close look at HOW your business is functioning and HOW to improve it most efficiently.   EVERY decision you make should be data driven.  But knowing how to culminate that information and how to analyze it can be tricky.  

Let me do the tricky part.  You just run your business.   Let me dive in.   Let me analyze and come up with suggestions.   Then you take it and run with it.  

...and then you sleep...and rest...and enjoy life!

Statistic designs

Step 01

Gather Statistics

Business information can come from multiple areas including software packages, excel files, random spreadsheets, etc.  Most business owners find that keeping track of statistics is not the reason they started a business, so it can often be overwhelming.   

Don't fret!  If you can locate it, I can piece it together, regardless of how it is stored, where it is kept and how much of a mess it is in.   I will transition your information into a workable database that will allow us to move on to Step 02.

Step 02

Take a Deeper Look: ANALYZE

Once we have sufficient data from your company and have it in a usable format,  I will use multiple skills and tactics to run different analytical models taking a look at what is going on behind the scenes.    

Linear Abstract Pattern
Small Business Owner

Step 03

Identify areas of SUCCESS and WEAKNESS:
What is significant?

This is where it gets fun.   Being able to see your business from a different perspective (again, Data driven, not by an opinion) by an expert OUTSIDE of the day-to-day operations can be MOST insightful.  

The data models show significance in many different areas and can result in being able to very quickly identify which aspects of your business are working well and which items need to be shifted or even eliminated. 


Game Plan for your Next Steps

Now the ball comes back to your court.  With suggestions of how to improve business, you can immediately implement changes that will improve business.   You get to decide what those changes look like, how many to implement at a time, and how quickly you want to see changes.   The ball is always in your court.   This is your business.   I am just here to make it easier! 

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