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Hi!  I'm Beth.   I am a small-town girl with no fear of going big!   I am a proven self-starter with 18 years of professional experience.   Along with my husband, we have built a highly successful small business focusing on a single family & multifamily rental portfolio and flipping homes.   For the past 18 years we have put our blood, sweat and tears into building this real estate business.   


I love a challenge and a few years ago found myself I decided to return to school and work on my Masters degree.   I am currently pursuing a Masters of Business Analytics degree from the University of Tulsa with a vision to focus on Small Business Analytics; helping small businesses streamline processes & thrive!  


I have been in your shoes.   I have had sleepless nights stewing over how to make our business more successful.   I have the tools, the analytic skills and the capacity to help you!!    

Sometimes, for most of us business owners, asking for help is the hardest part.   But I assure you, this ask will not hinder you, it will help.   Every single business can streamline.   Every single business can benefit from having an expert scale over your data, piece it all together and analyze it back into pieces to determine what is BEST for you.   Let me do that.   


If asking for help is hard, just consider this an invitation.   Let's work together.... so you can sleep better and have the capacity to ENJOY your life outside of business!

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